Wildlife and Aviation may be distinct, nice sectors but they share a need for highly specialized and carefully crafted insurance solutions.

With expertise and a keen interest in both, Andre Liebenberg established specialist brokerage Comav Risk Services in 2009 to offer them customized and competitively-priced insurance products and broking services.

As a result of an exclusive focus on the needs of the Aviation and Wildlife sectors, Comav’s reputation for excellent service, swift settlement of claims and use of impeccable underwriting security has steadily grown.

During that time it has also gained a deeper understanding of the exacting requirements of each sector and the areas in which they intersect – specifically in high-precision game capture and translocation operations which require flawless planning and execution by both parties.

Now, Comav has pioneered a unique series to provide them wth end-to-end insurance solutions that are tailor-made to cover every risk facing aviators and game farm owners, whether that are involved in commercial, tours or private ranching enterprises.

It’s holistic approach enables Comav Risk Service to provide competitively-priced solutions for all associated risks in the following categories:

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